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Below is a list of common questions we receive. Click on the question for more information.

Married couples and adult individuals who are at least 10 years older than the child to be adopted and who meet State Adoption Requirements.s.

Domestic Adoption – Forever Bound Adoption works with expectant parents to help them consider their options. The birth parents that choose adoption are matched with approved adoptive parents of their choice.

Children in Foster Care – Forever Bound Adoption works closely with its adoptive parents to introduce them to children available through the State Foster Care system. There are many children anxious to find their forever family.

Yes, if the adoptive individual or couple chosen by the birth parents meets Utah State Adoption Requirements.

Families entering our domestic program cannot be guaranteed that a child will be placed in their home within a specific time frame.

The first step for a new adoptive applicant is to fill out a Forever Bound Adoption application and other required documents on My Adoption Portal, our online record filing site.  The Initial Service Fee includes a nonrefundable application fee, a nonrefundable Technology Fee that is paid directly to My Adoption Portal for record keeping, a portion of the Agency Service Fee, and payment for the Home Study.  The Home Study fee and the Agency Service fee do not need to be paid at application, but will need to be paid before we can start the Home Study.  Once you have completed all of the required tasks on My Adoption Portal and payment has been received, a case worker will be assigned to you to start your Home Study.

Upon completion of your Home Study it will be reviewed and if accepted you will be sent a Letter of Acceptance.  You will then be contacted by Parent Finder who will help you develop your profile.  Once this is complete you will pay your Marketing and Outreach fee and Forever Bound Adoption will start marketing you.  If you are matched with a birth mother you will have the opportunity to review projected expenses, social and medical histories, and any risk factors.  In most cases, we will set up a face-to face with you and the birth parents, and both you and the birth parents will be able to decide if the placement is a good fit for all involved.

If you decide to proceed, the Matching portion of the agency fee will be due, and we will begin facilitating communication needs between you and the birth parents.  We will also assist in developing a hospital plan for the birth parents and a post placement communication plan for both parties.  Depending on the birth mother’s situation you may be required to supply financial retainers for both Birth Parent Financial Support and Birth Parent Medical Expenses.  Records of expenses in these two areas will be kept and any unused funds will be refunded to you.

Forever Bound will facilitate all matters pertaining to placement.  Legal fees are variable and based on direct costs.  They are paid directly to legal counsel before Finalization.

When a potential adoption fails before finalization, know as a disrupted adoption, unspent funds for birth parent expenses (i.e., living expenses and medical) and the matching fee will be refunded to the adoptive couple. Other fees previously paid will be transferred to another potential adoption. When the family gets matched with another birth mother, they will pay a new matching fee. This process may repeat until finalization of an adoption. The family can withdraw their profile at any time. A family is eligible to remain on the agency’s waiting list as long as they have an active home study.

After birth, it is mandatory that the birthmother must wait a legally designated amount of time prior to signing relinquishment of parental rights (24 hours after birth in Utah). What happens from the time of delivery of the baby until the time to sign the relinquishment forms is dictated by the birthparents. The adoptive family can leave immediately after the birthmother has signed relinquishment documents and the child is released from the hospital. Finalization of the adoption usually consists of submitting one post-placement supervisory visits and adoption paperwork to your local courts.

The home study is an in depth evaluation of you, your family and your home. These findings are collected in a document that describes in detail who you are, where you are from, and your motivation to adopt. The home study is composed of many items. For example, results of criminal and child abuse background checks, interviews with the applicants, personal questionnaires, reference letters, a thorough home inspection and more. The home study is generally conducted by a social worker trained to evaluate and educate families about adoption related issues including readiness and preparation for the adoption experience.

The home study process usually takes four to six weeks.

An employee of Forever Bound Adoption, or a contractor assigned by the agency will complete your home study.

The home study is the first step in the adoption process. If you are ready to begin the adoption process, you should begin the home study as soon as possible.

Post-placement reports chronicle the visits made by the social worker after a child has been placed in the home. These visits determine how you and your child are adjusting. The number of visits required varies in each state. If you are completing your adoption in the State of Utah, one visit is required to finalize.

Adoption is expensive. However, there are many resources available to you. Visit our page Help With Finances to learn more about such resources. Consider the tax credit and fundraising options. You might also be interested in the ideas available at

Approved applicants through FBA have access to the free resources offered through My Finance Coach (see Financing Adoption).