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Many families have believed for some time that they would become adoptive parents. Other families may be considering adoption for the first time. For any family, the process of adoption can be challenging. Sacrifice, grief, doubt and fear are all very normal emotions to experience throughout the process. However, many families find that these emotions are alleviated by the rewards of adopting. We’re here to help you prepare for any challenges you may face.

Open Adoption

Open adoption has become commonplace. The idea of an open adoption may be unnerving at first, but many couples grow to see their child’s birth family as an extension of their own. Your relationship with your child’s birth family will grow and evolve. We are here to help you navigate and nurture that evolution. United for Adoption, our advocacy group, will be an invaluable tool to you whether you choose our adoption services or decide to go elsewhere. We wish you luck in this journey and hope that you find happiness and success as your family grows.


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