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AGE: 36/36
WAITING: Less than 6 months
CHILDREN: 4 Children
FAITH: Christian
AGE: Newborn
ADOPTION TYPE: Open, Semi-open, Closed


I came along right in the middle of 5 boys. I’m grateful for what I was able to experience as a child and for what I was taught by my parents. Looking back now I’m grateful for the balance we had between fun and structure. I was always told to do what’s right, to be respectful, to treat others kindly, and to help others. Daily competition with my brothers in our younger years developed into strong, close friendships today. As kids we spent countless hours playing sports, riding bikes, tromping around the mountains, teasing each other, and cheering each other on.

As a profession I chose to become a Nurse Anesthetist. There’s so much about the job that I’ve come to love (especially doing two of my wife’s epidurals). It’s a ton of fun to be able to help alleviate a person’s anxieties, and pains each day. Working as a nurse has taught me a lot about life like how to dig in and do tough things, how to put others before self, and what things in life truly are important, among others. I’m grateful also that my work allows me plenty of family time.

Some of the hobbies I’ve come to enjoy most are baseball, coaching little league, hunting, and playing outdoors. I also like to do DIY jobs around the house (aka the honey-do list) and I’ve recently discovered smoking meat in addition to barbecuing. One of the things I like most about all of these hobbies is that they are things that my family can jump in and do with me.


I grew up in a wonderful family and I’m the 4th of seven children. As kids we were all great friends and still are now. As a little girl I loved all things girly and creative and that hasn’t changed even to this day. After graduating from high school I went to cosmetology school. I feel like it is something I was meant to do and really enjoy it. It was the perfect job while Tyler was in school because it allowed me to earn extra money and still be able to put my kids first. Now my days are filled with being a mommy and a wife. I love being able to enjoy my kids each day, take care of their needs, and run our home. I love to cook and bake, especially when my little helpers are around. Fresh baked goodies always make us happy. Another one of my favorite things to do is shop, especially finding things for our home. Some of my other hobbies include decorating, sewing, playing with makeup, organizing and cleaning our home, and playing the piano. Having a house full of boys I’ve grown to love all things boy such as Star Wars, LEGO, Batman, dealing with a little dirt, and watching them play sports. I absolutely love being a mom to my boys and I’m really excited to be a mom to a little girl as well.