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AGE: 38 / 39
STATE: Wyoming
WAITING: Less than 6 months
CHILDREN: 3 Children
FAITH: Christian
AGE: Newborn – 4 years
ADOPTION TYPE: Open, Semi-open, Closed


Travis is the love of my life. He makes me laugh every day and supports me in all that I do. To me, Travis is the perfect dad – he is patient and compassionate, and can handle all kinds of drama! From the minute he gets off from work, he changes out of his uniform and jumps right into being a dad and husband. He helps with dinner, does the laundry and is always right there to help with the kid’s homework.


He served in the US Navy for five years and graduated from college with a degree in sociology. For the last decade, he has enjoyed working as a Sheriff’s Deputy in our town. When people say they have found their calling, I believe it when I see Travis at work. He has the ability to stay calm in a crisis and comforts families when they are faced with devastating loss. All of these skills make him a wonderful father.


Travis loves sports, but what he loves the most is watching our children play! He is so supportive and encouraging and is their number one fan. I do occasionally catch him checking scores at church though!


On our first date, all I wanted to do was pinch her cheeks. So I did.


I fell in love with how confident Heidi was and I knew she would be successful and have more fun than anyone else doing it. When Heidi started her small business, I realized that I was not wrong about her success. She is so loved by everyone that comes into her shop, in fact, most people come in just to talk with her. She always makes everyone feel like they are her best friend.


As a couple, we share a love for travel, especially going to the beach. Hiedi once told me that if we move away from the beach then we have to visit at least twice a year. Done. Visiting the beach is one of our favorite family vacations each year.


Heidi is the most outgoing mom I have ever seen. She’s very involved in school parties, projects and spends countless hours making costumes, refreshments, and decorations. Heidi loves her babies with a passion and will sacrifice everything she has to keep them smiling. She has created a loving and beautiful home for our family, and any child would be lucky to have her in their life.