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Here are a few testimonials about our team:

We have known Steve Sunday since 2005, but have known of him since we applied for our first adoption in 1998.  At the time, he was at LDS Family Services Headquarters working as the Director over all birth parent and adoption services. We hadn’t met him and yet he had a great impact on our adoption efforts. We later found out that through his love and concern for adoption, he created a program where couples could share their adoption hopes with loved ones and encourage them to keep them in mind if they learned of expectant parents that were considering their options. Called a designated adoption, a potential birth mother could go into the agency and request that particular couple, should they choose to place. Three of our children’s birth parents learned of us from loved ones and requested us when they went to the agency. Without the change in policy, we would not have these children or their birth families in our lives. This is just one example of Steve’s forward-thinking and innovation. He made a huge impact on how our family came to be.
My husband and I had the awesome opportunity to work with Steve Sunday on Families Supporting Adoption National Board from 2005 to 2010 and continue to work with him now, serving with him on the United for Adoption board. Steve loves adoption. It is his passion and he is an incredible advocate for birth families, adoptive families and adoptees. He sincerely cares about everyone involved in the adoption circle and he puts his whole heart into his service to them! He is always looking for new ways to help couples who are hoping to adopt. Later in our adoption journey, Steve created a way for couples to take foster care classes at the agency in a quick eight week course. It was because of this that we decided to get certified. Foster to adopt was how our fourth and youngest child came to our family. Steve Sunday is an incredible powerhouse of information when it comes to adoption and he does all he can to make sure those in his care are well cared for and have the opportunities they need to grow. He has a tender heart and has made it clear that he has been touched by the courage within each birth mother he worked with. He has had years of experience in hiring, training and educating a worldwide staff. My family appreciated the caseworkers he had in place to help my niece when she placed her baby for adoption. The counselor she worked with cared about her and her needs were met. Should a family hoping to adopt or an expectant parent considering adoption need services, we would recommend them Steve’s agency, Forever Bound Adoption. If we were adopting again, we know Forever Bound would be our first choice!  – Brad and Brenda, Adoptive Parents (See 6 Tips for Finding the Right Adoption Agency)


From the moment I stepped into Shannon Lyon‘s office, she made me feel comfortable, safe, and understood. As a young woman in that situation, I was terrified and I didn’t want to be judged by anyone because I was already judging myself. Shannon made me feel loved and she made me feel like I wasn’t alone. When things were particularly difficult, Shannon was there for me whether it was in the middle of the day or the middle of the night. She talked to me while she cooked dinner, while she had a screaming baby in the background and many more times when she clearly had what I viewed as more important things to do. She made sure that I knew everything was going to be okay and she always encouraged me to lean on the Lord. Shannon was one of my biggest supporters and I honestly couldn’t have done what I did without her. She took my family and I step by step through the adoption process. She helped me plan for my future. She made sure I was okay financially and she talked to me daily after the adoption occurred. I look up to Shannon so much. She is such a wonderful, loving, amazing woman. She is the kind of woman I can only hope to be someday. I will always remember what she did for me and my beautiful baby boy. She saved both of our lives, and she helped me give him a truly amazing family which is what that sweet boy deserved. I am so grateful for her and all the time and effort she put into providing me and my child with the best care and support possible. I would absolutely recommend her to anyone in my situation or even those looking for guidance of any kind. Shannon is a wonderful person and she is amazing at what she does. I can’t thank her enough for all she did for me and my family. – Alissa, Birth Parent


I had the good fortune of meeting Steve Sunday in 1993. I was nineteen and faced with an unplanned pregnancy. This was a very tough time for me and for my family but with his support, we made the best of a difficult situation. At the time Steve worked with LDS Family services as my counselor. I ultimately decided to place my daughter for adoption. His knowledge and compassion during this process and afterward were unmatched. I am forever grateful to him for the help he gave to me and my family. Steve and I reconnected years later while he was still with LDS Family Services but in Utah out of the main headquarters. At this time he was heading up many of the wonderful programs LDSFS had for adoption. He encouraged me to get involved with some of the local programs we had where I lived. It was wonderful advice and put me on a road to advocacy work. Steve influences so many people for good in particular, within the adoption world. I am thrilled to hear that he has started both an adoption agency and advocacy group. I know he has built a great team and combined with his experience they will bless the lives of so many through the miracles and blessings of adoption. – Amanda, Birth Paren


It would be unfair to rate Natalie Roe Johnson on a scale from 1-10. She is my best friend, support and mentor. When I came to her 19 and pregnant I had already made my choice, adoption. She however still went through all the options with me and helped me come to peace with the idea of adoption. She’s been there for me when I felt like it was me against the world, Natalie has been there when she didn’t even need to be. You don’t always need someone, but sometimes you need that person that will always be in your cheering section no matter what. The only critique I can think of is that she has such a humongous heart, because a massive caring heart leads to massive amounts of love. She’s been amazing, as far as I’ve seen, and has been my biggest supporter through one of the roughest situations ever and never lets me back out when I have made a promise. She has helped me work up to my goals without pulling me up, she has helped me be able to say things more gracefully, and be a better person, for me, and my son. – Krista, Birth Parent



We had the pleasure of having Natalie Roe Johnson as our caseworker for our first experience with the adoption process.  Being new to the process we had our fair share of questions and concerns, all of which were answered in a professional, timely, warm and compassionate manner.  Our adoption was an inter-state adoption and Natalie was always trying to stay in communication with the birthmother’s caseworker.  Natalie was transparent with the information being communicated and kept us well-informed throughout the progress of our adoption.  We had trust and the utmost confidence that Natalie was working hard for us and that she had our best interests at heart.  Our experience was a great one.  Natalie was a kind and loving person that supported us through the process.  We always felt important and a priority. It was exciting to have her by our side when we stood with the judge to finalize our adoption.  Natalie was there every step of the way.  Even months/years after placement and finalization we are excited to come visit her! -Todd and Danielle, Adoptive Parents