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AGE: 37/41
WAITING: 2 years
FAITH: Christian
AGE: Newborn – 2 years
ADOPTION TYPE: Open, Semi-open, Closed


I’m going to be cliché, but Steve is my knight in shining armor. If I’m grumpy because I’m hungry, he simply brings me food without complaint. If my neck hurts, he rubs it. When he comes home and finds dinner isn’t made, he opens the fridge and figures out something for the family to eat. And to top it all off, our daughter’s eyes light up like the Sun she’s so excited when daddy gets home! My husband isn’t a perfect man, but he’s absolutely perfect for me!

For fun he’ll pull out one of his three telescopes to gaze at the stars, or he’ll gut/upgrade a computer. When stressed or exhausted he’ll be playing a video game. And his new love for eating well, running and muscle strengthening has made him handsomer than ever!

His current job is as a holographer, where he creates holograms for scientific instruments. He’s also the process engineer, in-house IT guy, and data manager for the small company. Before that he was a Lieutenant in the U.S. Navy and taught Nuclear Physics.

Yep, Steve definitely gives light to my world!


LeeAnn is the glue that binds our family together! At bedtime, our daughter’s eyes light up at the prospect of hearing a “made up story” from mommy. She giggles with delight whenever LeeAnn includes her as a character. I find it awesome when I come home and see LeeAnn and “Sunshine” reading books together or doing science projects.

Often with LeeAnn you’ll notice there’s always some way she’s trying to improve herself or her relationship with a family member; like exercising almost every day, or how to incorporate more fun and play into her time with our daughter!

I always say that she is my “half-orange”. For instance, she has incredible attention to details, where I’m kind of clueless (especially about noticing things that other people might be saying or need!). Together we make an awesome team and are best friends. When I come home from work and see this beautiful woman coming to greet me, my heart does an extra beat in gratitude and amazement. I especially love the way she can dance and light up a room with her smile.