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Our staff and advocacy group, United for Adoption, are what make our agency special. We have been dedicated to helping expectant parents, birth parents, adoptive parents and adoptees for many, many years and we LOVE IT! Our passion for this work is clear to our clients. We view our work as more than just a job. We are personally invested in your success. Come in just once and see how you feel.

No. We realize that adoption is not right for everyone. However, you will never know what is best for you if you don’t take the time to examine your options in depth. Our team will never be coercive, manipulative or try to tell you what your choice should be. You have the right answers within yourself. We are simply here to help you find them. If you do decide that adoption is the right answer for you, we will then be able to help you proceed down that path.

Meeting with a counselor does not mean you are unable to find answers on your own or that you are unstable. Having an outside perspective from someone who has expertise, experience, and isn’t personally involved or effected  by your decision can make all the difference. Our counselors can be a guide for you through what may be uncharted territory as they are well-acquainted with the ins and outs associated with an unexpected pregnancy.

No matter what you decide from here, your life will be altered. The ways and extent will vary based on the path you choose. Your best chance of overcoming your worries is to make a decision about which you can have peace of mind and confidence in the future. The best way to avoid regret is to examine all of your options, having current and accurate information.

Pregnancy is often a difficult secret to keep for too long. It is up to you, based on your personality and relationships, who and how you will disclose the news. However, it is important to have a support system of trusted loved ones. If you’re feeling overwhelmed or start to withdraw, seek out a confidant who will have your best interest at heart and won’t tell you what to do. You will be the one to carry the bulk of the consequences of your final choice. The decision must be yours. Once you’re ready, it is wise to seek counsel from friends, family and professionals.

Remember, you do have time to make an informed decision. Learn to trust in your ability to make good choices. Lean on those who love you and if you have a spiritual connection, seek out and rely heavily on your Higher Power. Learn and practice stress management techniques. Talk to as many people in your situation as you can. Knowing you’re not alone will help you immensely. And, finally, come see us!

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