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AGE: 33 / 32
WAITING: more than 3 years
CHILDREN: 2 Children
FAITH: Christian
AGE: Newborn – 3 years
ADOPTION TYPE: Open,Semi-Open,Closed


Noah grew as part of a loving family with seven siblings in Utah. He is the 4th born and continues to enjoy positive relationships with his siblings. His parents are still very much in love and work together to promote and provide adoption resources to birth moms and families, adoptive couples, and adoptive children.

Noah works in the film industry and is thrilled to be able to write film, and produce shows alongside his oldest brother. When he is not working, Noah enjoys biking, hiking, playing basketball, reading, watching films and most of all spending time with his family.

Noah has a calm, kind, and imaginative personality and gets along with everyone he meets. He is a natural born leader and continually seeks self-improvement. Noah loves our family unconditionally and spends most of his free time helping around the house, wrestling with our boys, telling stories, and playing pretend. He is so excited to grow our family and welcome another child into our home.


Kylee grew up in the woods of Connecticut. She has a large family, who she is very close with and has many of her best memories with them. Growing up, Kylee loved horses and grew up doing equestrian shows and looks forward to sharing that love with a child.

Kylee is always making friends and is not afraid of striking up a conversation with someone she’s never met. She often finds friends that are in need and takes them under her wing. She will listen to them, care for them, and find ways to serve them.

Kylee has an amazing love and gift for children. Whenever we visit her parents or siblings, all of the little cousins are so excited. They gather around her and beg her to play with them.

Kylee is constantly working to improve herself. She has been taking online classes each semester on family, parenting, and marriage, just to learn more about the things she loves. She also has a great love for Jesus Christ and His gospel and wants to follow his example. She is such a beautiful and sweet woman, and will be a great mother to another child.