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AGE: 29/27
WAITING: Less than 6 months
CHILDREN: No Children
FAITH: Christian
AGE: Newborn – 1 year


Jared grew up in Northern Utah as the fourth in a family of six boys. He was the recipient, as well as the instigator of sibling rivalry! He and his brothers loved to jump on the trampoline, sled down the stairs on an old mattress pad, and have water fights.

He was also a very curious little boy who loved finding out how things worked and tended to ask lots of questions. This curiosity carried over into high school and eventually college. To this day, he can still be found out in the garage taking apart a machine or helping one of our nephews put together a K’nex or Lego contraption.

Jared is the steadiest person you will ever meet. He never loses his temper and is very patient with children. He is a bit of an absent-minded professor, but you will never meet someone more sweet and thoughtful. After seven years of marriage, he still holds the door open for me whenever getting in or out of the car, he still holds my hand when we’re walking down the street, and he doesn’t go a day without telling me that he loves me. Who could ask for a better husband and future father to a child?


Though Ellie was born in California, her family moved between cities in California, Pennsylvania, and Utah, as she was growing up. She has one older sister and three brothers. She was a very serious little girl but loved to play. She loved to play pretend in the trees of her backyard, play “house” with her friends, and get water everywhere singing “just around the river bend” in the bathtub using a wash-cloth for a paddle.Ellie is very smart and was very driven to do well in school. This work ethic carried all the way through high school and college when she graduated in engineering.

Ellie is a very thoughtful and caring person. She is often finding little ways to help out when her mom is having a bad day or having a girl’s night when her sister is feeling lonely. Her nephews and nieces all like to be around her. She is very patient with them and listens carefully to what they have to say.I know that she will be an excellent mother and I cannot wait to finally see her holding this baby in her arms.