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AGE: 51/46
WAITING: More than 3 Years 
CHILDREN: No Children
FAITH: Christian
AGE: Newborn – 2 years


David grew up in the Emerald City, also known as Seattle. He loved to climb trees, build lego creations, ride bikes, and play with hot wheels. He also spent a lot of time playing football and soccer. His family was very active, he learned to ski at an early age and it is his favorite sport to this day. David is looking forward to teaching a child to ski and cannot wait to hit the slopes with a little one!

During the day, David spends his time working with computers, ensuring his company’s software is functioning correctly, but when he comes home – it’s time to cook! David is the master pizza maker in our house, so he can always cook up something delicious for us to eat. Jeana is always there to help him, and we look forward to making a family meal together with a child.


Music: Electronic Dance Music
Movie: The Princess Bride
Vacation: Oregon Coast
Children’s Book: Green Eggs and Ham


Jeana grew up in a small town in Wyoming and started playing the piano at the age of three! This love of music extended into learning to play the viola, which she now plays in the community orchestra whenever she gets the chance.

As a child, she also liked to play outdoors. The beauty of the trees and mountains would call to her as she and her family would go on picnics and camping trips. She loves walking on the beach or in the forests. Jeana is very excited to become a mother, and she looks forward to being able to share her passion for music and nature with a child.

Jeana earned a Bachelor’s degree in music but has spent a good portion of her life working in the insurance industry. She is now a stay at home wife, working each day around our home utilizing her domestic skills of cooking delicious food, sewing, and gardening.She hopes to pass on all these life skills to her child. Don’t worry, though – she still plays music all the time at home!


Favorite Music: Electronic Dance Music and Classical music
Favorite Movie: Sound of Music
Favorite Vacation: Bear Lake
Favorite Children’s book: Anne of Green Gables