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Choosing adoption will likely be the hardest choice you ever make. And, you might waiver throughout your pregnancy. However, if you truly feel that it is the best option for your child, you will become part of a strong, supportive community. There are still many adoption myths that prevent expectant parents from considering adoption. In case you’ve come to believe some of those myths, we’d like to clear them up. First, a pregnant woman (and sometimes the father) who are considering or choose adoption are almost always doing it purely out of the love for their child. Expectant parents, after much consideration and thought, decide that they cannot provide what they feel their child deserves. Those reasons vary, but it is rarely out of selfishness. Second, adoption has changed a lot, even in the last ten years. Expectant parents choose the family they would like to place their child with. And, many adoptions are open, which is usually best for all involved. An open adoption may mean pictures and letters as your child grows, but more often means even more contact, should you choose it. You will be known by your child. Many feel that their extended family simply grows as the adoptive family becomes so close. Just like any relationship, communication, selflessness, and putting the child first remains paramount. Third, children who were adopted are generally psychologically sound and well-loved by many. Finally, the expectant parents who appropriately process the grief of placing a child for adoption are changed, surely, but do not suffer endlessly with grief or psychological problems.

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