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Celebrating Adoption-November 2014

Celebrating Adoption- Ideas for Couples & Families

November is just a few days away and we are seeing the sights of the upcoming holidays as we visit retail shops or go online to read blogs, visit Pinterest or shop amazon.   But November brings another reason to celebrate.  November is National Adoption Awareness month.   A whole month dedicated to the amazing work of […]


i choose to be a birth mother

The Choice Is and Always Will Be Yours

When the word got out I was 19 single and expecting, so many people wanted to share their opinions on what I should or shouldn’t do; whether it was to my face or behind my back. I felt pressure everywhere I turned: so many people either telling me how selfish I was for making the […]



Connecting to a birth family through your profile letter: Helps for the first time adoptive couple.

  You just got home from your first meeting with your adoption caseworker.   Your mind is full of the list of things you need to accomplish in order to get approved to adopt a child.   One item on the list is writing a letter to prospective birth parents.  This letter will be used by your […]



Good Adoption Terms to Know

Adoption Terms Adoption assistanceFinancial or medical assistance given on a one-time or on-going basis to an adoptive parent on behalf of an adopted child. This subsidy may be provided through federal, state, county and/or local resources. (See itle IV-E.) Adoption services Any activity/procedure designed to facilitate the entire legal process of adoption including intake, pre-placement […]



“We Do Want Pics and Info, But We Really Want Is To Be Loved and Included and Remembered”

Thought of our wonderful birth mother, Tamra Hyde… “i sometimes hear adoptive parents, especially new ones, expressing concern and frustration about knowing how to navigate relationships with birthparents, especially when the 2 parties may find they are on different pages in regard to boundaries and expectations. i have observed a few things that seem pretty […]



7 Ways To Conquer Your Fear That A Prospective Birthmother Won’t Choose You

Maybe it was because Halloween was just around the corner. Or maybe it was because of something else. But for whatever reason, Cassie was scared. She was worried that she and her husband wouldn’t get chosen by a prospective birthmother, putting an end to her lifelong dream of becoming a parent. Never mind that she […]


Foster Care Pic

There’s enough love to rescue children from foster care

This morning, 400,000 children woke up in America wondering, “Is today the day?” Which day? The day they might finally find a “Forever Family.” These 400,000 children are in the American foster care system. They may have entered the system a few weeks ago —or a few years ago. This may be their first foster home […]

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