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Why I’m grateful for Forever Bound Adoption

mother and baby's hands

Though being adopted at a young age has taught me a lot, I could never expect placing my daughter would be such a trial and heartache, more than anyone can imagine.  Forever Bound helped me through my options and steps to help do what is best for my baby.  They were considerate and just were very kind to accept and support whatever decision I decided.  My caseworker Shannon is wonderful!  I’ve never met someone so dear and kind to personally go out of their way for someone they hardly knew.  She answered all questions and concerns I had before and after placement.  Till this day, I continue to see her and am happy Forever Bound gives me the opportunity to continue that.  Forever Bound, being new as it is, did very well and was organized by great experienced personnel.  Mr. Sunday and his staff are not only experienced but are very generous to go out of their way for whatever needs the individual may have.  It takes a special person to do what Mr. Sunday does on a daily basis.  I know my thanks to him and his staff is never-ending.

Anonymous  (birth mom)