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AGE: 32/29
WAITING: Less than 6 months
CHILDREN: No Children
FAITH: Christian
AGE: Newborn – 2 years
ADOPTION TYPE: Open, Semi-open, Closed


Ben grew up in Northern Utah, as the oldest of four boys. He received both his bachelor’s and master’s in business and now works at a bank. He is so passionate about finance that he creates charts, graphs and detailed spreadsheets about our own finances–for fun! I am grateful he enjoys this because numbers are not my thing! In Ben’s free time, he enjoys listening to audio books, playing games like frisbee and soccer, and volunteering in the community.

The best part about Ben is his optimism. He literally walks with a spring in his step! Ben has a gift with people–he leaves people better than he found them. He also can be quite the romantic and has been known to surprise me with flowers, whisk me away for a surprise date night or write me a poem. At the same time, he can be a goofball too. That’s why all eleven of our nieces and nephews love him so much (they especially love his cow impressions). When I think of Ben’s optimistic enthusiasm and his love for taking care of others, I know he is going to be a fun, encouraging and supportive dad.


Katie grew up in Southern California with her four younger siblings. Katie loves to sing and dance; growing up, she did Irish dance, but nowadays you can find her kitchen dancing. She is an avid reader and loves teaching. This love drove her to receive her master’s degree, emphasizing in British literature, her favorite genre, and inspired her to attain a teaching license. While these are a few of Katie’s passions, her real dream job is to be a full-time mom.

Katie has a love for life, whether it be the little things or the big. She has an energy and enthusiasm that is contagious. She loves to explore, have adventures and travel. She is also a fantastic cook and loves to share her creations with others. Best of all, Katie is kind, thoughtful, a great listener and has a deep love for God. She spends some of her free time volunteering for a local children’s museum and can’t wait to take a child there. I can’t wait to see Katie sharing her enthusiasm for the little things and her love of literature with a child—she is going to be an incredible mom.