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AGE: 34/36
WAITING: 1 Year 
CHILDREN: 2 Children
FAITH: Christian
AGE: Newborn – 4 years
ADOPTION TYPE: Open, Semi-Open, Closed


I am so excited to tell you about Barrie! He is such a stable, kind, giving, gentle, and loving man. He has loves me and our kids more than anything in the world. He is the best father anyone could ask for and I’m so excited to see him open his heart to another child.

As the oldest of six children, Barrie quickly learned to be responsible and therefore, he is a natural leader. Growing up, his family had a lot of land, so much of his time was spent outdoors. To this day, he still loves hiking, fishing, camping, and especially horseback riding. His family has a lot of horses and he grew up training and riding them. In fact, I think he could ride a horse before he could walk!

Barrie loves to learn and he has his bachelors and masters’ degrees in Accounting. He also loves sports and ballroom dancing, an odd combination – I know! But while in college Barrie took ballroom dancing classes in order to meet girls. Lucky for me he didn’t meet any that he liked, but he did find a love of ballroom dancing. So…yes, I married the most amazing blend of a man…an athletic, ballroom dancing, cowboy, accountant!


Meeting Martha many years ago, while we were both in high school, was one of the best moments in my memory. Since then, the moments have only improved. I have never known a person who cares about others as much as she does. Her selflessness is always able to make even the saddest of days seem a little sunnier. But that is just the beginning…

Besides being beautiful, Martha is a stunning singer, an incredible cook, an amazing mother, and my very best friend. She uses her creativity and love of life to excel at everything she does. She loves dark chocolate, Diet Coke, and watching the Food Network or HGTV.

But perhaps her greatest quality is her passion and love for her family. Martha dedicates all of her time, talents and abilities to bless the lives of our children and myself. I never could have imagined during those high school years that I would be so lucky as to marry a woman as wonderful and talented as Martha! But boy, am I happy that I did.