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Agency adoptions create an atmosphere where the rights of expectant parents, birth parents, hopeful adoptive families and adoptive families are respected and supported. Forever Bound Adoption has carefully and thoroughly assessed each family to ensure their readiness to provide a stable, loving home. Each family has received adoption education that will provide a healthy attitude and love for adoption. Some couples request to use an attorney for their adoption, since it can sometimes be less expensive. These couples are often not prepared as well, do not understand the importance of openness in adoption, have not been educated about how to make sure your needs are met and how to talk to their child about adoption. Carefully consider any family who is only willing to work with an attorney. If you truly feel good about them, ask them to provide you with your own attorney and payment for counseling services, at the very least. Get involved in United For Adoption so you have some of the support you will surely need. Contact us if you want to talk through these or other questions that may arise. We want you to receive the education, support, counseling and resources that are necessary for a healthy adoption.